Three New Year Resolutions To Be A Better Driver

What were your New Year’s resolutions?

If it all seems a long time ago and your gym membership is lying as untouched as the celery in your fridge, then maybe it is not too late to make some more.

But these should be serious resolutions and better still, ones that you can actually have a chance of being able to keep!

If there is one New Year’s resolution that we would like to see everyone make, it is to become a better driver in 2018.

Especially when that person is the driver of either a tow truck or a caravan!

So, how can you do it?


This is a biggie, but we are constantly surprised – and not in a good way- by the numbers of drivers who seem to think that signaling before a turn is somehow optional.

Drivers who don’t signal are the bane of our – and every other road user’s – life.

Caravanners or tow truck drivers who don’t signal are putting their own lives, and everyone else’s, on the road on the line. So, don’t be one of them.

So, especially when you are towing something, do your fellow road users the courtesy of remembering to use your signals.

Just to recap, you should signal every turn and every lane change that you make.

This reduces the chances of other motorists plowing into you and an accident occurring. And that is kind of important in our book!


We know you have a lot of miles to do and towing can get kind of dull.

Any long road trip can make even the most virtuous of driver get itchy feet and before you know it, you are cruising ten miles over the speed limit.

But when you are towing a huge weight – be it a caravan or whatever- then it is really vital that you stick to the legal speed limit.

And don’t forget, the speed limit for towing a caravan or some other vehicle will most likely be lower than the regular one for cars.


Before you even think about setting off on your road trip, towing a caravan or trailer, check the state of your vehicle assiduously.

Get into the habit of never even thinking about setting off on a towing trip, without first making sure that your vehicle is fit for purpose.

This means things like making sure the tire pressure is safe and the oil doesn’t need changing before you set off.

Oh, and remember to fill up, too!

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